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Buku Puisi dan Novel Cecep Syamsul Hari

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  • Cecep Syamsul Hari was born in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia in 1967. As a poet writing in Indonesian, he first came to national prominence with his 1996 collection Kenang-kenangan (Remembrance), followed in 2002 with Efrosina(Euphrosyne), reprinted in 2005. Translations of his poetry into English by Australian literary translator Professor Harry Aveling have appeared in Heat (1999), with inclusion of further translations of Cecep’s poems in Aveling’s pioneering 2001 Indonesian poetry anthology, Secrets Need Words, published by Ohio University Press. In 2006 a bilingual edition of twenty one poems by Cecep, translated by Aveling and Candraningrum, appeared in Indonesia, providing further access for English language readers to the work of this highly imaginative Indonesian poet. He is one of only six Indonesian poets whose poems have been included in recent (2008) Norton poetry anthology, Language for a New Century: Contemporary Poetry from the Middle East, Asia and Beyond.
    Cecep has been a prolific translator of literary works into Indonesian, with book publications of selected poems by Pablo Neruda (1996), and by D.J. Enright (also 1996), with translations of selected short stories by R.K. Narayan being published in 2002. In 2003 and 2004 he was co-editor of a four volume anthology (in Indonesian) of selections of Indonesian literary works (Horison Sastra Indonesia) and co-editor of a two volume collection of literary essays (Horison Esai Indonesia). He has been a prolific literary essayist and a contributing editor in the major Indonesian literary journal, Horison, over the last decade. Much of this work has also been directed to the fostering of appreciation of literature by younger Indonesians within the Indonesian school curriculum context. Apart from his poetry and literary essays, Cecep has published in Indonesian in the newer genre of ficto-criticism novel (2006), Soska. Indeed, all his literary activities reflect his extraordinarily broad knowledge of both eastern and western cultural and religious traditions, a characteristic highlighted by Aveling in his commentaries on Cecep’s poetry in recent years. [Read More…]

    21 Love Poems (Bilingual Edition)

    Meja Kayu
    Wooden Table
    32 Variasi pada C Minor
    32 Variations on C Minor
    Molto Allegro
    Molto Allegro
    Syair Kemurungan
    A Poem of Melancholy
    Syair Kesedihan
    A Poem of Sorrow
    A Light Rain
    Sebelum Makan Malam
    Before Dinner
    Pada Wajah Daun-daun
    The Face of the Leaves
    Episode Terakhir dari Kenangan
    The Last Thing I Remember
    Sayap Kenangan yang Terbakar
    The Burning Wings of Memories
    Empat Mil dari Kenangan
    Four Miles from Memory
    Selangkah dari Matamu
    A Step Away from Your Eyes
    Kedukaanmu Dikabarkan Burung-burung
    The Birds Told Your Grief 
    Sebab bagai Angin
    Like the Wind

    Jaka Tarub
    Jaka Tarub 
    Sepasang Daun Gugur
    Two Falling Leaves

    Efrosina: 100 Poems (English Edition)

    Wooden Table
    Gertak Merah
    32 Variations on C Minor
    Five Sketches for Francisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes
    Molto Allegro
    At the Cemetery
    Bearing the Coffin
    Morning Sorrow
    The Menu
    The Poem of the Veil
    A Poem of the New Year
    A Poem of the Rain
    A Poem of Melancholy
    A Poem of Sorrow
    A Poem Before Twilight
    A Story Before Sleeping
    The Rain Fell in Wonokromo
    The Land of Thousand Fairies
    Finding a Lonely Land
    My Bride
    November Rain
    A Light Rain
    Before Dinner
    The Face of the Leaves
    The Last Thing I Remember
    A Place I Remember
    Solitude Burning in My Memories
    The Burning Wings of Memories
    Four Miles from Memory
    For Centuries I Remember Your Smile
    Your Hair is My Prayer Mat
    A Stopping Place on the Way
    The Last Episode of Memory
    The Wedding Song
    In Wonderland
    For Sentimental Reasons
    A Voice from the Remote Heavens
    Land of the Falling Leaves
    An Obituary for the Wind
    Bathroom Window
    A Step Away from Your Eyes
    When You Long for the Birds
    The World of Fairy Tales
    A Poem about a Rose
    Falling Memories
    In the Palm of Your Hand
    At the End of the Bridge
    The Birds Told Your Grief
    Morning Dew
    A Poem about a Garden
    Infinite Solitude
    Infinite Silence
    Memory (2)
    The Journey of the Wind
    A Conversation between a Blade of Grass and a Passing Bird
    An Epitaph for a Leaf
    Like the Wind
    A Flower Fell
    Rain in the Garden
    Jaka Tarub
    The Garden
    A Garden in My Heart
    With the Birds
    Blue Moon
    Silence in the Garden of Names
    The Wounded Bird
    In Your Silence
    The Rain Prays
    Morning has Broken
    The Wide Path
    I am the Silence
    O, My Love
    Two Falling Leaves
    My Sweet Lord
    Into Your Eyes
    God Created Both Men and Women
    News from the Sea
    News from the Wind
    The Earth and a Wanderer
    Beginning with a Bow
    The Door to the Poet’s Bedroom
    As-Sajdah 9
    The Leaves Asked
    Memories (1)
    Going Home

    Novel Soska (Indonesian Edition)

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    Tubuh Pria Itu Pecah Berkeping-keping
    Ratusan Kupu-kupu Bersayap Warna-warni
    Le Petite Soska
    Dua Esai dan Tiga Surat Cinta
    Testamen dan Buku Harian
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