Minggu, 30 Agustus 2009

Tarawangsa (Music Instrumental)

Lately I got interested with lots of folk art in West Java, one of them Tarawangsa. Type of Sundanese traditional music is (still) can be found in certain areas, one in the area somewhat close to where I live, Rancakalong, in Sumedang. According to some sources, these strings can also be found in the Cipatujah-Tasikmalaya and in certain areas in Bandung and Jakarta. Usually, Tarawangsa music played by 2 people, one Tarawangsa players and the other jentreng player. Jentreng here serves as a song accompaniment / melody (Tarawangsa). Tarawangsa can we hear in certain events in the community of West Java. The music is often accompanied by great dancers, both male and female. They are soft and regular dancing. Read More...

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